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Does Holdkey slowdown the keyboard ?

No, not really. Holdkey uses little resources but if you are using your computer to play games with a lot of keyboard activity you might want to quit Holdkey or suspend Holdkey (Win-Alt-Esc). Some games take over the keyboard and might conflict with Holdkey. From version 4.0 you can blacklist programs from Holdkey.

The Holdkey info bar does not pop-up above the cursor ?

The location of the cursor is not always detectable by Holdkey, this is a Windows issue. In those cases the Holdkey info bar might be displayed in a wrong location.
In (advanced) settings you can change the default location of the Holdkey info bar.

I type very fast, sometimes some characters are missing ?

If you type very fast you are probably already pressing the next character while still in the process of releasing the previous one. If this happens with multiple characters Holdkey might interpret this as holding a key and shows the ↑ sign. This is easily fixed, go to (advanced) settings and change the Holdkey speed in a slightly higher number. The default setting should be fine though.

I don't see the Holdkey icon in the task bar ?

Depending on your Windows version you might not see the Holdkey icon in the task bar. In the right corner you can select 'show hidden icons' and then select 'customize'. Change the Holdkey icon in 'show icons and notifications'

Not all accents are available, will this change ?

At this time Holdkey wants to be as complete as possible with European languages. Maybe in the future characters with multiple accents and Asian characters will be supported.

I see a question mark instead of an arrow when using the Holdkey system ?

Programs that do not support UTF encoding might give this result. Normally only Windows versions prior to Vista sometimes give these results.

I see a square box instead of the symbol I wanted ?

Programs that do not support UTF encoding might give this result for some characters or symbols. Normally only Windows versions prior to Vista sometimes give these results.

I needed to reinstall my computer do i need to buy a new Holdkey license
again (Pro version only)?

Holdkey pro is sold for a very low price. For this price at least 5 licenses were available. When those are used you need to buy new licenses.

I set the character set to Greek, how do i type accents ? (Pro version only)

type ; or : before the character and the Greek character will display the character with an accent.

I am using the freeware version of Holdkey, what is the catch ?

When you click the 'more' button when the Holdkey info bar is visible a browser window will open with more characters and symbols along with some ads, sponsored links and the option to donate. You can also upgrade to the Pro version.

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